Cobblestone Ovens installs, maintains and repairs kitchen equipment by using the best technologies to run our own business. We use ServiceTrade to give our customers service that they can’t get from other companies.


Through ServiceTrade, our Customers get


  • Validation that the work that you hired us to do was completed to our highest standards.
  • An after-service report with photos, videos, and audio notes that is always online, and always available.
  • eQuotes that contain photos or videos so you can make critical decisions about repairs.



We’ve Gone Mobile

Through the ServiceTrade mobile application, we’ll send you an email when the technician is on the way. Our techs use ServiceTrade to confirm the appointment, and to clock in, and clock out of each appointment, and get details about what they’re there to do. They also use smartphones to collect photos, videos, audio notes, and digital comments to document what they did and what they discovered. Those old-fashioned triplicate paper forms are finally in the past.

See What Happened

Enjoy the convenience of looking up your service records whenever you need them. After the service call, our customers sign a work acknowledgement report on the technician’s tablet that contains the complete set of paperwork, photos, and notes. Your signature is stored with the service history in a report that is emailed to you, and stored in the ServiceTrade platform permanently for future reference.

Stay Ahead of Problems

When our technicians inspect your ovens and find issues, we immediately send online eQuotes for the required repairs. ServiceTrade includes photos directly on the quote that we email to you, giving you the opportunity to review and approve it right away with the click of a button. Once approved, the quote turns into a job that we will schedule with you.